Apply for a stall at Warwickshire Pride 2024

Booking Instructions

​Please complete the booking form below if you wish to have a stall at Warwickshire Pride 2024. We will then be in touch by email within seven days with a decision on your booking. Emails from us may go to your spam folder, so please check there if you do not see an email from us within seven days of your application. If there is nothing in your spam folder, please email [email protected] to give us a nudge.

If your booking is successful, an invoice for your stallholder fee will be sent by email. The stallholder fee will be due within seven days from the invoice date in order for the booking to be completed. Should payment not be received within seven days, a reminder will be sent. If payment has still not been received after a further seven days, your place will be offered to someone else and your booking will be cancelled.

Please note that we cannot accept requests for purchase order numbers to be included on invoices or accept payment beyond the seven day period stated in these instructions.

Once payment of your stallholder fee is complete, booking confirmation and set up instructions for the day will be sent to you by email.

If you have any questions or require further information, please email [email protected] and we’ll be happy to assist you.

In submitting a booking form, you are agreeing to attend in the spirit and ethos of Warwickshire Pride. Unfortunately, in previous years some stallholders have become rude, aggressive, homophobic and transphobic. Additionally, some stallholders don’t turn up on the day or pack up and leave early, which is a breach of the rules applied to the event by Warwick District Council and it creates difficulties for our team of volunteers on the day. While most stallholders are wonderful, polite, respectful, and have a great time, there are sadly a minority that behave in a way that is not acceptable. Therefore, please only book if you agree to be polite, respectful, understanding of the audience (LGBT+ people), and will show up and remain on site until the festival closes.

Please complete the form below to begin the stall booking process. We look forward to receiving your application.

Stall Application Form

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