About Us

We run a whole range of support services and social activities all year round. There’s plenty to choose from and we guarantee you’ll get a warm welcome.

Whether it’s our LGBT+ youth groups, trans social group, LGBT+ learning disabilities group, LGBT+ coffee morning, photography club, parents group, or something else, there are many ways in which you can get involved.

Pride is about so much more than one day. It’s a year round protest for our rights and freedom, with support and a social outlet being provided at all times.


Warwickshire Pride is the primary LGBT+ organisation in Warwickshire. We run a number of services and social events for LGBT+ people across the county. Our mission is:

to ensure that all people feel valued and included in society, regardless of sexuality or gender identity

We also have the following objectives, that are for the benefit of LGBT+ people:

  1. To preserve and protect the physical and mental health of such people, in particular, but not exclusively through:
    • a. The provision of information, guidance and emotional support;
    • b. Safe, social meeting spaces where people can explore verbally and express their sexual orientation or gender identity.
  2. The promotion of equality and diversity in the Warwickshire area for the public benefit by:
    • a. The elimination of discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation or gender identity;
    • b. Working in partnership with other providers and community groups to raise awareness of LGBT+ issues, and the needs of LGBT+ young people and adults;
    • c. Advancing education and raising awareness in equality and diversity, with a focus on sexual orientation and gender identity.


The charity was founded in 2011 and started life as an LGBT+ youth group. That’s all it was ever going to be. However, over time demand for other services and support started to grow and everything snowballed from there. The first Warwickshire Pride festival took place on Saturday 31st August 2013 and was the first event of its kind in Warwickshire. It was organised by local LGBT+ activist and Chair of Warwickshire Pride, Daniel Browne, who felt that Warwickshire was lagging behind the rest of the country when it came to LGBT+ representation. Daniel had the vision for Warwickshire Pride upon waking up one morning and told himself that he was going to put on a Pride festival in exactly three month’s time and that it would be fabulous. People thought it would never happen and a local councillor wrote to say there are no gay people in Warwickshire. It did happen and around 2,000 people came out to support the first Warwickshire Pride.

Since then, Warwickshire Pride has continued to go from strength to strength; getting bigger and better each year, while retaining its identity as a grassroots, community Pride event. Warwickshire Pride is now an established festival in Warwickshire’s event calendar, welcoming thousands of people each year for a celebration of LGBT+ culture.

A range of support services, groups and social activities also take place all year round across Warwickshire, providing safe, welcoming, inclusive, accessible spaces for LGBT+ people.

Warwickshire Pride is managed by a board of trustees and has a team of fantastic volunteers who help to run the services and activities. Further information can be found on the Charity Commission website.