Warwickshire Pride festival line-up – Matt Ellerington

As well as lots of fantastic performances on the main stage, we’ll be welcoming some speakers too, such as…. MATT ELLERINGTON.

“Hi, I’m Matt, I’m transfemme, non binary, bisexual & an activist who has travelled the country with extinction rebellion as well as for various LGBTQIA+ events.

You may have seen me at Warwickshire Pride last year, and I’m delighted to announce I’ll be back for 2023!

I’ll be delivering a talk, bringing light to the huge backlash against trans rights that has escalated over the past year, rallying for stronger allyship & hopefully nurturing the flames of hope & trans joy. See you there!”

Warwickshire Pride returns to the Pump Room Gardens in Leamington Spa on Saturday 19th August.