Today is Trans Day of Visibility

We celebrate all trans people, whether you are visible or not. We appreciate trans people’s contributions to Warwickshire Pride, to the local community, to society and the world.

If you are visible, we applaud your courage to live authentically and visibly. If you don’t feel ready to be visible, that’s ok too. You don’t have to be. Everything in your own time is absolutely fine.

We also wish to again pledge our continued to support to trans people and state that:

  • Trans men are men.
  • Trans women are women.
  • Non-binary people exist and are valid.
  • Trans rights are human rights.

We will continue to stand alongside trans people, defend trans rights and freedoms, and take a zero tolerance approach to transphobia at our groups and events.

If you are transphobic, please don’t come to Warwickshire Pride. Our events are for everyone to be free and express their identity and who they are.

With love and Pride on Trans Day of Visibility,

Warwickshire Pride