Support your local Prides

With regret, Croydon Pride has been forced to cancel our 2024 PrideFest. This is due to a lack of funding combined with ever-increasing costs.

But Croydon Pride is not going away! Instead, we’ll be partnering with local venues to run a series of events in Croydon for Pride Month this year.

In the meantime, we’ll be working on addressing our funding and internal governance.

If you’re interested in getting involved, as a trustee or volunteer, please visit

We’ll be back in 2025 for a fabulous PrideFest!

Paula Goodwin
Chair, Croydon Pride

This is sad to see, although it’s good that Croydon Pride will be doing other events.

The truth is that smaller Prides are underfunded and receive a fraction of the financial and sponsorship support that big Prides get.

The first Warwickshire Pride cost around £3k to put on. It’s now over £20k. It remains a free event because people shouldn’t have to pay to attend Pride. But it does mean we are never sure we’ll have enough money to do everything. Last year we had to scale some plans back because the funds weren’t available. Costs rise each year (first aid went from £250 – £1,000 last year, for example). People turn up and see the end result but don’t see the effort and funds that go into putting on a Pride. It’s stressful. It’s hard work.

Please support your smaller local Prides. They are vital for LGBT+ people and often in places where it’s tough to be queer.

Turn up to your local Pride. Donate to your local Pride. Volunteer for your local Pride. You can make a difference and help your local Pride to continue.